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Mafia saga with Jason Yukon as a clever young mobster who draws unwelcome attention from rivals when he turns one of the family's brothels into a smashing success." This is a Harry Novak production which tells you all you need to know about story and nudity, but the one that is of interest to us is Jane Allyson as the damsel in distress who is stripped and in bondage

9 1/2 Weeks
Top 25 BDSM Movie
Probably one of the best BDSM movies ever made and certainly one of our top 25 movies of all time. Kim Basinger firmly established herself in the hearts of people into BDSM worldwide and Mickey Rourke was equally good as the dom who played the sex games with her. A very erotic adventure by two strangers who explore the darker side of lovemaking.

There is an un-rated DVD available which has a very nice whipping scene of Olga Kurylenko as the Damsel in Distress which qualifies that scene alone to be included in our BDSM Movie Review. This is a very hot scene with her being hung, nude from the ceiling and whipped in front of several men. We have the stills and the video of this erotic BDSM scene.

A Chinese Torture Chamber Story
This is a BDSM film in terms of S&M scenes, but it's actually a Hong Kong sex comedy although some of the humor may be lost in the translation. Regardless, it's a visual feast of beautiful women being tortured and made to confess to various things, the entire film is a send-up of Quing dynasty court procedure and I recommend it for the humor and visuals.

Soldier Blue
In 1864, members of the Colorado Militia, massacred a Cheyenne village at Sand Creek, killing over 500 Indians, more than half of them women and children. There were reports of rapes and mutilation of the bodies. It was a horrific, shameful chapter in U.S. military history, and was immediately and rightly condemned by the people of the United States. (Updated 10/5/09)

Interview with a Vampire
This movie is from a story by Anne Rice and Anne writes erotic about as well an anybody. She has a love for BDSM and "Damsel in Distress" and vampires go together very nicely. Although this is a very male oriented story, the is one very erotic scene with Laure Marsac who plays a mortal woman in a vampire stage production in Paris. An excellent movie.

Boxing Helena
I'm not sure how to rate this movie. First, I should note that the director is David Lynch's daughter which should tell you something about her creativity. The direction is actually very good, the photography is fucking gorgeous and Sherilyn Fenn is about as nice of a piece of eye candy as you'll see.

1999 BDSM Foreign Movie of the Year
First you need to know that movie was made in South Korea and it's probably the hottest movie ever made in that country and the author of the book served time in jail for publishing this scandalous book.

I The Jury
I think this movie made Barbara Carrera who was very seductive in this movie showing all of her assets. It also features several nude scenes by the Harris Twins which alone makes this movie worth watching. All of them end up being damsels in distress along with Laurene Landon as the secretary.

Thriller, A Cruel Picture
1974 BDSM Foreign Movie of the Year
Perhaps one of the most influential movies of the 70's, this movie was actually banned in Sweden which should tell you everything you need to know to want to see this movie.

2009 BDSM Movie of the Year
May be the best and worst movie of 2009. No one...I mean NO ONE will see this movie and walk away without an opinion. Most will hate it but a few will appreciate what the director was doing in this movie.

Body Shots
In this film, Michelle Johnson gets killed will in bondage which means she's a true damsel in distress and Emily Procter has a very nice BDSM scene.  Both did nude scenes along with Tara Reid (who's featured in this month's Playboy) and Barbara Patrick. Enjoy...

Turkish Delights
This movie is based on the novel written by the legendary Dutch writer Jan Wolkers, and it is a true Dutch classic. This film has an excellent spanking scene, was directed by Paul Verhoeven before his famous American movies.

She decides to strap him to the bed and she was playing with his body, first a message then rubbing his cock and finally mounting him to fuck him. All of this BDSM is very erotic because of her determination. It is also a genuinely erotic film. This movie is a gem in terms of BDSM reverse role. 

Schoolgirl Hitchhikers
This film 'SCHOOLGIRL HITCHHIKERS' was the first and stars the beautiful Joelle Couer who would also star in three other films of his and then disappeared from the screen in the late seventies. The film resembles a fairy tale with a 'Goldilocks and the three Bears' feel and then becomes a lethal jewel heist caper...

Angel Above-The Devil Below
While reading the "Necronomican" night, a teenage girl accidentally calls up the Devil. When he tries to have sex with her, she rebuffs him. As punishment, he sees to it that her vagina not only has a mind of its own, but can speak it, too.

Barbarian Queen II
In a final and epic battle in the thrilling sequel to the now classic "Barbarian Queen", Althalia, leads a revolt of peasants and female warriors against the wicked ruler, Arkaris, to regain her throne

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