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1983 BDSM Movie of the Year
It's not very often a mainstream movie has explicit S&M scenes but director David Cronenberg really established himself as an independent director with this classic movie. Deborah Harry (Blondie) is outstanding as the woman who craves a bdsm high. It's a little dated today with the TV tube obsession, but it's still a powerful movie.
Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia
A great movie by director Sam Peckinpah, a damsel in distress played by legendary Isela Vego who meets up with singer Kris Kristofferson who plays a cycle hood. This movie did nothing at the box office but was generally well received by critic's. It's part love story, part thriller, part drama, part western and all Peckinpah.  The moral is there is a price to pay for everything. (UPDATED 7/2/09)
The Night Porter
1974 BDSM Movie of the Year
This movie review is for "The Night Porter" which is one of the top ten fetish movies ever made. It's an S&M movie about the love between a Nazi officer and a concentration camp girl. Very memorable movie with some great scenes including the world famous song and dance by Charlotte Rampling.
Embrace of the Vampire
What can you say about a movie that features a nude Alyssa Milano being seduced by the dark lord and a lesbian. Well, you could say this is my kind of movie and it certainly features Ms. Milano as the Damsel in Distress for the entire movie. It's certainly no hardship watching her naked body being seduced and for that alone, I would give this movie a big thumbs up.
Masters of Horror: Imprint
2006 BDSM TV Series Episode of the Year
This was an episode of the Master of Horror's series on Showtime. Unfortunately, it never got aired. In fact, the people at Showtime took one look at the episode and ran for the hills. It is very graphic and yet it is also very beautiful if you're into BDSM. This episode was about stylized torture and it delivered with a capital "D:.
The Notorious Bettie Page
Gretchen Mol captures the sweetness, the sexuality, and the allure of Bettie Page with an almost heartbreaking exuberance. With another actress, Page would have been portrayed as a vamp, a vixen, a tease, or a harlot -- but those who knew Bettie Page considered her a true innocent; a woman with the face of an angel and a body built for sin, but she was a truly sweet soul.
Well I'd like to say I fully understand this movie, but the truth is that I don't. I'm not into drugs so it's hard for me to indentify with the characters in this movie. And the movie is more a character study than a well designed plot. But, in terms of BDSM this movie has quite a bit going for it not the least of it is seeing Chloe Hunter naked and tied to a bed and forgotten. 
I guess we could classify this as a "coming of age" film. From a bdsm standpoint, the scene that interests us is the spanking scene with Amber Tamblyn in which she begs her boyfriend to spank her, to feel what it's like and then is upset because he does it to hard. Like the "Weeds" spanking scene, there is no nudity in this scene but the attached video clips are very nicely done.
Much has also been said about the notorious (and oft-censored) bondage scene involving Tina Aumont (well cast here): actually, it's very discreetly done and pretty short in itself! As you can see below, Tina wears a rope dress and it's a very rare scene in the movies and she looks great in the ropes as she's made love to complete with video. 
Shallow Ground
This is definitely a "damsel in distress" with some bondage thrown in for good measure. It's certainly not the worst horror film you'll ever see and it's also not the best, but somewhere in there lies this film and it's actually very entertaining.  Several young beauties are in distress and hung up from a tree for all to enjoy. 
True Blood (Season One)
The book was a good read and if you enjoyed the book, you'll probably enjoy the series.  One of the advantages of HBO is the nudity and Anna Paquin gives it up for the first time so there is a big audience for that and she is also a "damsel in distress" as you can see with her vampire lover.
Book of Revelation
This is a different movie than we normally review. Yes it's BDSM oriented movie and has a very erotic rape scene, but this time it's a guy who gets kidnapped, put in bondage and raped.  This movie was made in Australia and I'm not sure which audience it's aimed at but it got our attention.
Love Letters Of A Portuguese Nun
This film fits into the corner of the horror genre known as 'nunsploitation'. This film follows Maria, a girl that is forced into a convent after the convent's leader manipulates her mother into thinking she's in league with the devil and destined for Hell.
The Image
Top 25 Movie
aka as The Punishment of Anne was made in 1976 when hardcore and BDSM scenes were acceptable. I'm not sure this movie could be made today. Radley Metzger directed this masterpiece In our top 25 movies.
Run! Bitch Run!
I think the first few minutes of this movie is a waste – bad script, bad lighting and really bad photography. But, once the girls are taken as hostages, it picks up quite a bit and the lighting and photography are much better. If you get past the beginning, the movie is OK
The Sleeping Voice
A harrowing drama that transforms the sorry plight of female prisoners in post-Civil War Spain into a bleak examination of man's inhumanity to women. Of course, the interest is on the BDSM activities in this scene, we have Maria Leon getting clips on her nipples.
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