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Black Snake Moan
2007 BDSM Movie of the Year
This movie features a nude Christina Ricci chained up and being watched over by Samuel Jackson. What I say, is watch this movie because it will be a classic both in terms of nudity from the star but also a great white trash movie. This was a deserving BDSM movie of the year. (UPDATED 8/12/09)
Of Freaks and Men
From Russia comes a very interesting movie. It's a period film from the turn of the nineteenth century and it tells the story about some improvised people - two Siamese twins are mistreated and how a blind woman is also taken advantage of.  The acting is very good, the photography is mostly in sepia tones which lends an authenticity to the period and finally it's a great ass movie with lot's of soft whipping with birch branches.
Sin City
2005 BDSM Movie of the Year
It's hard to know where to begin with a review of this movie because it's really like no other movie ever made. Visually STUNNING, damsels in distress, cartoon violence, graphically strong sets and selective use of color and black & white in each scene make this a movie worth owning.
 This movie was released in 2007 and it bombed at the box office. However, it's a damn good movie if you're fantasy is abduction and captivity. But, it has some problems which don't extend to the actress who stars in this movie - Elisha Cuthbert. The bad news is no nudity. 
Flower & Snake
2004 BDSM Import Movie of the Year
There is nothing I can say about this movie that would do it justice. This is a visually stunning, S&M Masterpiece that I encourage everyone who is a member of this site to get the DVD and put it in their home library. This post is so big, that I had to do it over three posts.
Nominated for a variety of awards, Farrah Fawcett discarded her pin-up Charlie's Angels image to make a gritty movie about a single woman who is molested first in her car and then at home when the attacker comes to assault her. Knowing the law can't put him away, she takes matters into her own hands so in the end we're not sure who is the victim.  (Updated 9/22/09)
The Story of O
1975 BDSM Movie of the Year
This is, quite simply, the best BDSM movie ever made. It's number one on my list of Top 25 movies and number 3 on Hank's list. Corinne Clery was perfect in the role of "O", the woman who learns about love and commitment through BDSM.
The Sadistic Baron Von Klaus
In the village of Holfen, a number of young women are found stabbed to death by what is determined to be an ancient dagger with a curved and rusty blade. The superstitious locals believe the murders to be the fulfillment of a curse placed on them in the 17th century by Baron Von Klaus, a sadistic libertine who killed many women before dying in the swamps surrounding his castle. Naked woman and an evil Baron make this of the best of director Jesus Franco.
This is another one of those delicious 70's era movies. It is a "BDSM and damsel in distress" movie and it stars one of my favorite fantasy women in the world - Joey Heatherton.  It has a great cast complete with Richard Burton as the guy who first fucks and then kills the ladies. Besides the famous ladykiller you'll also find some other beauties such as Raquel Welch and Virna Lisi among others.  (updated 5/3/09)
Night of the Sorcerers
This is one of Hankster's top 25 movies and it is a very good bdsm movie. It's also a damsel in distress movie so that qualifies it in two areas of our site. This is a Spanish production who's story is a bit confusing but mores than makes up for it with the generous scenes of naked woman being tied up and whipped and eventually turned into zombies that prowl the jungle half naked prowling for their prey - other beautiful women.  Yeah...that works for me!  (Updated 4/3/11)
My Bloody Valentine
Tom returns to his hometown on the tenth anniversary of the Valentine's night massacre that claimed the lives of 22 people. Instead of a homecoming, however, Tom finds himself suspected of committing the murders, and it seems like his old flame is the only one will believes he's innocent
Barbarian Queen
The nudity is very nice and the BDSM scenes where excellent. In fact, there is a lot of nudity and torture in this movie which makes it a favorite for many people into BDSM. And if you like Hank's top 25, you're going to love this movie because he rates it number one.
The photography is good and the naked women are attractive and the BDSM scenes at the end of the movie are very realistic. But, frankly this movie is not for everyone. In fact, if you want to sit an enjoy a movie that has an easy plot to follow, this is not the movie for you.
Naked Fear
Top 25 Movie List
The casting is excellent and this reminds me of the movie "The Pet" in that Danielle is naked for a large part of the movie and yet we don't really notice it. It natural in this setting and while she could have done this role clothed, the erotic element was superb.
I Spit on Your Grave (2010)
I'm not sure why they've made "I Spit on Your Grave" again, but the first one was very good and this one has more special effects in keeping with the time. Sarah Butler has a very cute ass as you will see below and I enjoyed this movie.
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