BDSM Movie Review

"Body Shot"

1994 - 97 mins - Dir- Dimitri Logothetis  Cast: Michelle Johnson, Tara Reid, Emily Procter, others 


Plot Summary: "Paparazzi photographer Mickey Dane is obsessed with elusive pop singer Chelsea, and his attempts to capture her on film often land him in trouble. He jumps at the chance to photograph a Chelsea lookalike, but when Chelsea and her double are found murdered, he becomes the main suspect. Discovering a clue in one of his old photographs, Mickey must race against time to prove his innocence and find out what really happened."  During the ten years that followed her successful debut as a hot teenager in "Blame It On Rio" opposite Michael Caine (1984), Michelle Johnson didn't seem to get lucky on any role she landed (including her double role in this not-so-cool thriller). Then she got married to baseball star Matt Williams in early 1999 and that seemed to help her career. In this film, Michelle gets killed which means she's a damsel in distress and Emily Procter has a very nice BDSM scene.  Both did nude scenes along with Tara Reid (who's featured in this month's Playboy) and Barbara Patrick. This movie is not currently available from the studio so if you want to buy it, it might cost you a bit. But we have all the good scenes below in the stills and videos. 

Emily Procter BDSM scene in Body Shot

Tara Reid in Body Shot #1
Tara Reid in Body Shot #2
Tara Reid in Body Shot #3
Tara Reid in Body Shot #4


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