BDSM Movie Review

"The Halfway House"

2004 - 90 Mins.-  Un-Rated - Dir- Kenneth J. Hall  Cast: Mary Woronov, Janet Tracy Keijser, others

Plot Summary: "Young girls are disappearing in and around the Mary Magdalen Halfway House for Troubled Girls. Desperate to find out what became of her sister, a female detective enters the Halfway House.." This script is loosely based upon a story by H.P. Lovecraft and it stars Mary Woronov (of Eating Raoul fame) and it has a lots of babes in bondage who eventually get eaten by the "one-eyed monster", so shouldn't this be a good movie? Well, Hank thought so as he ranked this as one of his top 25 movies. And although this movie does have it's moments such as the double spanking scene with two young ladies, it really didn't do it for me. I love Mary Woronov and I thought she was wasted in this movie. Their are plenty of naked girls who scream well as damsel in distress, but the special effects were truly horrible and they sort of ruined the movie for me. On the other hand we have a kinky nun and a priest who's into spanking as a form of discipline. We have lesbian encounters and nipple rings and even lewd acts with a religious statue, all done with a tongue firmly planted in a cheek so...if that's your thing, this is your movie.

The Halfway House - Ashley Fires in Bondage
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