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1976 - 89 Mins. "R" Rated Dir- Lamont Johnson Cast: Margaux Hemingway, Mariel Hemingway, others

Plot Summary: "When super lipstick model Chris McCormick (Margaux Hemingway) is brutally raped and sodomized by her sister Kathys (Mariel Hemingway) music teacher Gordon Stuart (Chris Sarandon), she presses charges against him. He is found innocent by a jury much to the chagrin of District Attorney Carla Bondi (Anne Bancroft). When Stuart rapes Kathy, Chris must avenge both horrible acts.." A fascinating movie for a variety of reasons. First, from the BDSM standpoint a supermodel is tied down to a bed and sodomized by a trusted teacher. If you're into rape fantasies, this works very nicely. A few other points - the Hemingway sisters appeared together in the movie as sisters. Margaux (named after a wine) went on to commit suicide in 1996 (20 years after this movie was released) and clearly although she did seven movies this was her most memorable. Mariel of course, went on to more movie success although her voice is still like listening to chalk on the blackboard. Ernest Hemingway was the girls grandfather. Chris Sarandon  was the rapist in this movie and he was so good at it, that it was hard to image in as anything else. Margaux, who has a high fashion build,  was nude during the rape and in a shower scene before the rape. This was a movie that was made simply to tell a rape story and while it's not deep in any way, it does tell the story very well.

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