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1974 BDSM Movie of the Year

"The Night Porter"

1974 - 118 mins. Rated  Un-rated version  Crime/Drama/Romance  Director: Liliana Cavani  Cast: Charlotte Rampling, Dirk Bogarde, others

 I'm not going to be cute here or pull any punches, this is simply one of the greatest fetish movies ever made. The Night Porter is a 1974 film directed by Italy's most famous female director, Liliana Cavani. The film is set in post-war Vienna in 1957. Maximilian Theo Aldorfer is a former SS officer who consoles his personal guilt through his passionate devotion to his work as a night porter. Other former SS officers who meet periodically to eliminate any "witnesses" to Nazi atrocities populate Max's circle of friends. Max is enjoying his newfound life and freedom until his world is turned upside down by the arrival of Lucia at his hotel. Lucia was a concentration camp inmate who was seduced and became Max's lover. Lucia and Max recognize each other and slowly the memories begin flooding back into both their minds. Eventually, both revert back into old habits as the flames of their torrid and forbidden past come rumbling to the surface. The film deals with the deep psychological underpinnings of the captor/captive relationship as well as the heightening of senses and adrenaline that war and other extreme circumstances can create as well as the dependency we can have on those feelings. The caps were taken from a Criterian Collection un-cut DVD which is linked to the left for your convenience.

Charlotte Rampling - Night Porter #1
Charlotte Rampling - Night Porter #2
Charlotte Rampling - Night Porter #3
Charlotte Rampling - Night Porter #4
Charlotte Rampling - Night Porter #5

About a third of the way into the movie there is a song and dance (sort of a Nazi serenade) performed in front of the Nazi officers by Charlotte Rampling and the scene lasts for a good four minutes (shown above in four video clips) and she's topless in clear light the entire time. This has become the signature for this film and it is se memorable, that even today - 33 years later - it's common to see that outfit at fetish parties. Rampling went on to have a distinguished and award filled career in both Europe and America and it still appearing in films today.  


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