BDSM Movie Review

"Of Freaks and Men"

1998 (Drama)  93 Mins. Dir: Aleksei Balabanov  Cast: Dinara Drukarova, Anzhelika Nevolina, others

Plot Outline: Very odd Russian film, with a modern, almost postmodern theme (concerning Siamese twins and pornography), but set in the early years of the twentieth century and shot in a faux-naive style that one might almost believe was that of films from this period, if one was not aware of what they were really like. There's much to enjoy: the beautiful sepia photography (of the Russian winter, and of eyeballs); great facial acting; the downright oddness of plot, scene composition characterization and movement; the sudden discontinuities, and the semi-random, peculiarly worded captions. Hardly a movie in the traditional sense, but still a work of art.  What can you say about a movie that features Siamese twins, pornography and switching that was set in the early twentieth century and was filmed to look like something made during that period. Well, visually I say great. Artistically I say very good and you can make up your own mind after you see the caps below. The is a Russian film (aren't you glad the cold war is over) which really conveys the feeling of the period the same way Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid was able to capture their time period. I highly recommend the film if you favor beautiful period films. All of the spanking you see in this movie is turn of the century style which means very soft with lecturing of the person at the same time. There is a unique pace to this film that makes it entertaining to watch. In some ways, the visuals are sort of a freaks on display but once you get past that, it's actually a very good film. Subtitles almost add to the allure.


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