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2004 BDSM Movie of the Year

"Flower & Snake"

2004 -  115mins. - Rated  R-rated version  - Drama/Thriller-  Director: Takashi Ishii  Cast: Aya Sugimoto, others.

Superb, brutal, erotic, handsomely produced sado-masochistic masterpiece from director Takeshi Ishii. It could have been titled "Wife To Be Sacrificed" because Shizuko (Aya Sugimoto), the wife of a wealthy businessman, is sacrificed in order to pay off her husband's debts. Everything "Eyes Wide Shut" pretended to be this is. It does not cower from its powerful subject matter or merely titillate. It is the work of an incendiary artist with a firm grip on the material and the material's ability to emotionally resonate. Sugimto, who is one of the strongest, most stunning, most beautiful creatures ever to ignite the cinema screen, is totally convincing as a woman plunged into a cruel, nihilistic, carnal hell referred to only as The Coliseum. It is a stadium-like space where the rich and powerful get their kicks watching beautiful women assaulted, beaten, bound and, in some cases, murdered, in a pretentious, circus-style setting. This is a big budget extravaganza of ravishing perversion and beauty mixed with a violent white collar crime plot. Ishii's direction of both the violent confrontations and sado-masochistic set pieces is stunning. His camera dives, swirls, caresses and illuminates the provocative tableaux.

It took three cinematographers to fully realize the striking visual style that brings Ishii's original vision to life. The Oniroku Dan novel, 'Flower and Snake', has been filmed before, but this is the definitive version and the most sincere, a hardcore smack to the chops of conservative culture.
This movie is visually stunning and a S&M MASTERPIECE and it is one of our Top Ten DVD movies to own for your personal home library.

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