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The Story of O - Part One - HQ

1975 - 98 mins. - Rated  X-rated version  -  Director: Just Jaeckin  Cast: Corrine Clery. Udo Kier, others.

Plot Outline:  "In a strange secluded chateau a woman know only as O (Corinne Clery) is introduced to sadomasochism by her lover: he whips her chains her and watches her make love to and beat up others. In the process of "proving her love" for him she gives up everything- even agreeing to be branded -- to provide him with pleasure." This is, quite simply, the best and most erotic BDSM movie ever made. It's number one on my list of Top 25 movies and number 3 on Hank's list. Corinne Clery was perfect in the role of "O", the woman who learns about love and commitment through BDSM. And Just Jaeckin (also of Emmanuelle & Gwendoline fame) was the perfect director to elevate this beyond soft core trash and into a classic BDSM film. This movie was made in 1975 and it plays well enough today that it could have been made in 2008. If you haven't seen this movie or haven't gotten it in your library, you're missing the best of what this site is all about. Corrine went on to appear in 57 movies including "Moonraker" one of the Bond films, but her role in "Story of O" was so perfect that if was impossible for her to find fame that exceeded this role.

Corinne Clery-The Story of O


The Story of O:  One - Two - Three - Four


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