Directory of Reviewed BDSM Movies

Name of Movie Video Brief Description
A Chinese Torture Chamber Story   A BDSM comedy from Hong Kong
A Clockwork Orange (updated 1/22/14)

1971 BDSM Movie of the Year

After.Life Christina Ricci nude & possibly dead
A l'aventure Two beautiful nude woman
Angel Above-The Devil Below Rene Bond Tied Up and Abused
Antichrist Best or worst movie of 2009
Bad Timing: A Sensual Obsession One of the best of 1980
Barbara Broadcast Constance Money tied & molested.
Barbarian Queen Hanks top movie on his Top 25
Barbarian Quenn II Lana Clarkson Torture Scenes
Barbed Wire Dolls Sadistic Female Prison by Franco
Because of the Cats Gang rapes while husbands watches
Belle de Jour Classic French S&M
Birthday Girl Nicole Kidman Tied Up on the Bed
Black Ribbon Debbie D naked, and tied to the table
Black Snake Moan (updated 8/12/2009) Christina Ricci in Chains
Blood Countess Another Bound Heat Classic
Bloodsucking Freaks   A S&M Classic
Bluebeard (updated 5/3/2009) Joey Heatherton Showing Charms
Blue Velvet 1986 BDSM Movie of the Year
Body of Evidence (updated 12/20/10) One of our Top 25 BDSM Movies
Book of Revelation A male dancer is put in BDSM and raped
Body Shot BDSM & Damsel in Disstress
Bound A lesbian, film noir film with some BDSM
Boxing Helena Sherilyn Fenn Loses Her Arms & Legs
Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia(ud) Director Sam Peckinpah's Last Western
Californication A Showtime series that can be kinky.
Caligula's Spawn - Part One Lesbians, bondage, slavery.
Caged Chantal Demming is tied-up
Caged Heat II Jewel Sheppard is whipped & abused.
Cages A man is strapped to the bed and played with.
Captivity Elisha Cuthbert in Captivity
Chaos Violent Damsel in Distress Movie
Curse of the Living Dead Pirates rape the two damsels
Dagon Nude Damsel in Distress Rope Bound
Dead Calm Nicole Kidman as Damsel in Distress
Death Wish II Bronson avenges rape and murder
Downloading Nancy (updated 5/29/2010) Maria Bello in Bondage
Dressed To Kill Nancy Allen & Angie Dickinson
Embrace of the Vampire 1-5 (updated 4/15/2013) Career Nudity by Alyssa Milano
Exit To Eden Dana Delany Full Frontal-Perfect as Lisa
Exposed Banned in 36 Countries!!!
Extremities (updated 9/22/09) Attacked and Revenge by Farrah Fawcett
Eyes Wide Shut Another Kubrick Masterpiece
Fair Game A Beautiful Game Trophy
Fleah+Blood Jennifer Jason Leigh gets raped.
Flesh for Frankenstein A disgusting, high camp movie.
Flower and Snake 2004 BDSM Movie of the Year
Foxy Brown Pam Grier topless and tied up
Fruits of Passion Disjointed Story of O Movie
Godson Mafia dope peddler out of whorehouse
Guardami Elizabetta Cavallotti in bondage
Gwendoline 1984 BDSM Movie of the Year
Havoc Amber Tamblyn Gets Spanked
Henri IV Armelle Deutsch Gets Bare Ass Spanking
Hispania, la leyenda Ana de Armas gets whipped
Hitcher In The Dark Hitchhikers get raped and killed.
Hitman (updated 1/06/14) Very nice whipping scene.
Hostel-Part 2 A Sequel That Lives Up To It's Billing
Hunting Season Cindy Pena Does Camille Keaton Thing
I Spit on Your Corpse, I Piss on.. Emily Haack as Dansel & Mistress
I Spit on Your Grave Camille Keaton Raped & Revenged
I Spit on Your Grave (2010)(updated 3/15/13) Sarah Butler Stars as the Revenged Girl
I The Jury Barbara Carrera & The Harris Twins
Innocent Blood Sweet Vampire Takes on the Mob
Interview with a Vampire Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are believable
Irreversible Monica Bellucci as the Damsel In Distress
Jaded A Woman is Raped by Two Women
Justine deSade 1972 BDSM Movie of the Year
Kissed 1996 Fetish Movie of the Year
Lady Libertine Spanking, whipping and canning
Learning Curve   Spoiled students learn a lesson in humility
Lies Great South Korean BDSM Movie
Lipstick 1/2 (updated 4/26/13) Rape/Revenge by Margaux Hemmingway
Lifespan Tina Aumont Wears Rope Dress
Live Nude Girls Dana Delany Getting a Spanking
Love Camp 7 Nazis - Damsels in Distress - BDSM
Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun Sex & Torture on a Convent
Marquis de Sade Two Pages of Stills & Video
Marquis de Sade's Justine (updated 1/22/13) Romina Power is nude & molested
Masters of Horror: Imprint 2006 BDSM TV Episode of the Year
Mercy An S&M Murder Mystery
My Bloody Valentine 3D Betsy Rue as the Damsel in Distress
Naked Fear (updated 1/22/13) Danielle De Luca is DID!
Next Door Seduction and S&M
New York Ripper 1/2 (updated 4/22/13) A Famous Director Brings Violance
Night of the Sorcerers Naked Women Whipped
Nightcomers Brando excellent as gamekeeper/Dom.
Normal Life Ashley Judd is Damsel in Distress
Nude For Satan Rite Caldoroni Goes Hardcore
9 Songs Bondage Equals Orgasm
9 1/2 Weeks Kim Basinger's Signature Role
Of Freaks and Men   Spanking Period Film from Russia
Olga's House of Shame A Classic BDSM low budget film
On Consignment Lesbian BDSM Women
Paris, France Leslie Hope gets spanked and hot waxed
Pawn Shop Chronicles Pell James a nude slave women
Prime Cut Cattle call for sex slaves
Private Obsession Obsessed Man Kidnap's a Model
"Q" aka Desire Christelle Benoit blindfolded and played.
Rampage: The Hillside Murder Brittany Daniel has the right equipment
Re-Animator A wonderful black comedy
Rise: Blood Hunter Cameron Richardson Hanging Around
Romance A woman explores BDSM
Run! Bitch Run! Cheryl Lyone as the damsel in distress
Sadomania (updated 6/10/09)   Wall to wall naked chicks
Saw III Debra McCade gets hanged up
Scrapbook A Serial Killer Kidnaps a Woman
Secret Diary of a Call Girl Potential unfilled yet.
Secretary (Updated 9/20/09) 2002 BDSM Movie of the Year
Shallow Ground A small independent film
Schoolgirl Hitchhikers Gilda Arancio stripped & flogged
Sin City 1-2-3 (Updated 4/26/13) 2005 BDSM Movie of the Year
Snuff-Movie Lisa Enos in good BDSM scene.
Soldier Blue (updated 10/05/09) Candice Bergen Damsels in Distress
Something Wild 1/2 (Updated 4/22/13) Melanie Griffith as a wild child
Spun Chloe Hunter tied and naked.
Story of O The 1975 BDSM Classic
Story of O - Part Two Carole James is gorgeous in lead role
Straw Dogs Rape & Violence - Must be Peckinpah!
Strip Search 2004 Cable BDSM Movie of the Year
Student Services Déborah François Nude & Tied up
Successive Slidings of Pleasure Anicee Alvina does BDSM very nicely.
Swedish Nympho Slaves Jesus Franco directs Lina Romay.
Tattoo Maud Adams Gets Tattooed
Terrifying Girls High School One of the Pinky Violence Series
The Accused Jodie Foster Rape & Revenge
The Collector   Samantha Eggar collected
The Depraved Christina Lindberg in bondage
The Devil's Advocate Charlize Theron as the damsel
The Disappearance of Alice Creed Gemma Arterton is stripped and tied to bed
The Flock Cyd Shutte gets whipped on an X cross
The General's Daughter Rape & Murder for the Damsel in Distress
The Girl Next Door A bdsm movie that is difficult to watch.
The Halfway House Mary Woronov as a nun
The Hillside Strangler (updated 7/2/09) Damsels in distress - based on a true story
The Image 7 Videos - Hardcore BDSM
The Killer Inside Me Jessica Alba & Kate Hudson Strapped
The Night Porter 1/2/3 (updated 4/2/13) 1974 BDSM Movie of the Year
The Notorious Bettie Page Career Nudity by Gretchen Mol
The Pet 2006 BDSM Movie of the Year
The Ramrodder Kathy Williams Tied and Whipped
The Resort   Four women become Damsels in Distress
The Sadistic Baron Von Klaus Murder & Mayhem
The Sleeping Voice Maria Leon gets a shocking charge.
The Snake A model learns about BDSM
The Swimming Pool Romy Schneider is whipped
The Vampire Lovers Ingrid Pitt goes lesbian/vampire
The Wicked Lady A very erotic whipping scene
This World, Then the Fireworks Sheryl Lee is the Damsel in Distress
Thriller, A Cruel Picture Revenge by a one-eyed woman
True Blood  (Season One) HBO Vampire Series
True Blood (Season 3/Episode1) Natasha Elam on a X-cross
Turkish Delight Monique van de Ven gets spanked.
Under Lock & Key Damsel In Distress Prison Nudie Flick
Videodrome (updated 4/26/13) 1983 BDSM Movie of the Year
Vampyres Gorgeous lesbian vampires on the loose.
Weeds Mary Louise Parker Getting Spanked
Werewolf in a Woman's Prison Beautiful Women in Woman's Prison
Wife To Be Sacrificed   Excellent Japanese S&M Film
Women In Cages Pam Grier is the warden that punishes.
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