BDSM Movie Review

"On Consignment"

2007 - 88 Mins.- UnRated Dir- Lloyd A. Simandl Cast: Deny Moor, Michaela Fichtnerova, others

Plot Summary: "A girl lost in the big city gets enticed to phony work and after being re-educated as a slave she gets sold." This is another movie in the series of lesbian BDSM sexplotation films from Lloyd Simandl who made quite a name for himself with erotic films in America, before moving to Praque. It's my understanding, that this movie was actually directed by Daniela Krhutova and that means some changes in the story formula, most noticeably, more lesbian action which I doubt anyone would complain about.  The thing I always love about these films is that there is usually women who become slaves and there are a lot of ass shots of women getting spanked and whipped into shape. Sort of a male fantasy thing. These movies are not about great stories or great acting, but make a point of view that is sensuous and have beautiful woman who are naked and abused. All of the Bound Heat movies are available for download on demand on their site or DVD's can be ordered from their site. Just click here to visit their site. 

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